OUR SERVICES Gelish, and IBX Nail Treatments

Gelish, and IBX Nail Treatments

Gelish, and IBX Nail Treatments

Gelish is a gel application for the nails that applies like a nail polish. Depending on nail growth, you will get between 2 and 3 weeks of beautiful looking nails from a gelish application! Soak off is quick and easy which means that there is no damage done to your natural nail and you can have a new nail design or colour every time you book for an appointment. Gelish is cured under an LED lamp which means your nails are dry as soon as the treatment is completed.

IBX is a nail treatment that helps with damaged, weak and peeling nails. The product penetrated into the nail plate to repair the damaged nail. This is not a topical nail strengthener but an effective treatment for your nails. This treatment can be done on its own or can be followed by a manicure or gelish application.

Gelish Dip

Gelish dip is a nail procedure where a resin is applied to your nail and then dipped into a coloured powder. This is ideal for clients who require something slightly stronger than the traditional gelish coating or those who do no like curing their nails in the LED lamp. The soak off procedure takes slightly longer than traditional gelish but does not damage the natural nail.